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Company Name: Beijing worth buying Technology Co.cap hat manufacturer , Ltd. address: 3701, 32F and 3801, 33 / F, building 3, No.1 yard, East Automobile Museum Road, Fengtai District, Beijing; seat: 010-56640700
Company Name: Beijing worth buying Technology Co., Ltd

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in general:

crossed price: the crossed price may be the sales guide price of the commodity or the sales price of the commodity that has been displayed, etc., not the original price, but for reference only.

Price not crossed: the price not crossed is the selling price of the commodity on Alibaba China. The specific transaction price is subject to the price of the order settlement page according to the change of the commodity participating in the activity or due to high quality bucket hat the use of coupons by users.

in the activity preheating state:

crossed price: the crossed price is the sales price of goods in the current activity preheating state, not the original price. The specific transaction price may change due to the cap hat manufacturer user's use of coupons, and the final price shall be subject to the order settlement page price.

price not crossed: the price not crossed may be the activity price of the commodity to participate in the activity, which is for referenc…

Simple furniture suite furniture rattan chair rattan furniture leisure chair beach chair outdoor furniture hotel furniture chair

Product Description:
[product color]: color as shown in the figure
[grade]: high-grade furniture, export products
[inventory situation]: the production cycle is 5-10 days. For details, please consult customer service
[packaging and installation]: pearl cotton packaging, no need to install product features:: 1. Use high-quality bracket, imported powder baking paint, stainless steel fasteners, corrosion and rust prevention. High grade tough PE / PVC rattan, compared with natural rattan. It has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility and easy cleaning. Flow linear design, novel design, fully consider ergonomics. Comfortable, and not afraid of the sun, not afraid of the washing, strong, not deformation, not dry crack, the price is also very cheap. 2. It is suitable for indoor, villa garden, terrace, tea house, grassland, outdoor, beach, friend party, etc. 3. Not only leisure, generous, but also for you to bring a little exotic. 4. It is the ideal choice for your leisure and…

tableware production

The above is the yellow page enterprise list of tableware production of shunqi.com, including the introduction, address, telephone legal representative and contact number of 1146 tableware manufacturers and wholesalers of tableware production suppliers, including Weifang Fangjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Changsha Huipai Furniture Co., Ltd., Dacheng County liuguyan Zhongchen machinery equipment factory, Fujian Fuzhou Kangsheng new energy Co., Ltd , which is divided into 20 pages in total. Currently, the results on page 1 are displayed. Shunqi.com has a large number of enterprises entering every day. You can not only inquire about the enterprises here for free, but also publish the wholesale supply information of tableware production for free. Do you want the tableware production to be found by customers? Register for free now!

Wholesale supply of outdoor furniture sets tables and chairs restaurant furniture sets

Shen Xinyi (self-employed) is located at No.58, Dongyong Road, Nanma Machinery Industrial Zone, Nanma Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a professional manufacturer of leisure tables and chairs, rattan chairs, glass tables, aluminum chairs, coffee tables and chairs, bar tables and chairs, curtain, mat, sofa set, wardrobe, home daily use and other products. Our products enjoy a high position among consumers, and the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with major factories. Our company has a complete range of products and reasonable price. Shen Xinyi (individual business) "wholesale at factory price, retail at wholesale price" enables us to achieve a win-win situation with our customers. With the tenet of "honest business, mutual benefit", we have won the trust of our customers based on the principle of multiple varieties of business characteristics and small profits and quick sales. Welcome customers to visit and…

Pressure gauge pioneer Y100 stainless steel anti corrosion and shockproof pressure gauge manufacturer direct sales

? all stainless steel pressure gauge is suitable for medium with strong corrosivity suitable for stainless steel component detection and severe external corrosion environment. All stainless steel shockproof pressure gauge refers to injecting liquid into the pressure gauge shell to prevent the pressure gauge from being affected by too much force fluctuation or external strong shock equipment, It has obvious buffering effect on strong earthquake and environmental vibration. By filling oil into the meter, it can also lubricate the parts in the machine and prolong the service life of the instrument. It is most commonly used in hydraulic station, hydraulic machinery, and sometimes it can also be used for supporting industrial pumps. If the pressure fluctuation is too large, you can choose to install damping screws or install buffer elbows under the pressure gauge.
Stainless steel pressure gauge is suitable for various special working places and various media due to its different materials.…